Friday, 12 August 2011

Too many people

Well you know how it goes, what with one thing and another something has to give and, sadly, it has been this blog. Actually at least one reader thinks its a good thing that I have stopped.

The one thing I have stopped is falling off the Orca. I am now fairly confident on it - I even mixed with the holiday maker traffic the other day; I suppose I better tackle the lights of death soon, just to see if they are negotiable by bike in a direction other than straight on... I suspect that they are.

Anyway, back on topic. Today there were just too many people on the shared path. I knew it was going to be a tricky ride home when as I turned right by the bridge at a rare green light I heard the local youth demanding the bike (at least this time without death threats). Meeting a cyclist coming the other way is fairly rare so the one at the path junction was a bit of a surprise... but he was the calm before the storm!

Round the corner and suddenly there was all of Weymouth, scooters, bikes and obstinate people with walking sticks. At least I wasn't going very fast at all. What still bugs me a bit, 5 hours later and watching the video, it the codger with the stick didn't actually go to the side at all, forcing me to get rather closer than I would like to the children on my left. As he seemed t use his stick as a 'you there!' stick, he could have moved just a little and everyone (me) would have been happy.

The rest of the trip home was similarly encumbered - there was a bit of a premonition moment by the yacht club - I thought someone would be joining the path so was positioned OK... and lo two young women started to join the path one on a bike the other pushing her bike. Another time highlander!

Well I am going to cycle to Dorchester tomorrow along the new cycle path... If you are (un)lucky I will blog about it!

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