Tuesday, 4 May 2010


The most exciting bit of my commute today - a really slow speed 'Sorry Mate, I didn't See You' incident. Riding up the road the White Van man probably has his mind on other things when he starts his 3(ish) point turn manoeuvre. If I had been a car he wouldn't have pulled out from the kerb however I am 'only a bike' I guess, so should expect to give way to everything else on the road - luckily the gearing on the Orca is very low so I can quite easily cycle slowly.

If he had waited for me to pass, the total delay to his journey would have been just less than the length of the video - possibly 30s in all but, as we have seen previously, 30s is a really long time when you are waiting for it.

Aside from the white van man the commute toady was uneventful - even though I started out rather later than usual due to a dose of fail last thing last night when switching off the phone - I forgot to switch on the alarm!

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