Thursday, 6 May 2010

They will never catch on

This morning's commute was full of the usual mundaneness... as I was riding I was thinking that the novelty of the recumbent has worn off for me and it is almost like riding an upwrong in as far as it seems normal. Obviously that doesn't hold true for the other inhabitants of sunny Weymouth; the other day, whilst out on a ride with Morgwen, I heard someone saying "Look dad, that bike comes past my bus stop every morning!" anyway back on track as it were...

I am descending the hill towards the cycle path when I notice a member of the local constabulary (PCSO or PC I am not sure which) approaching the on/off ramp... and holding his position to the right of the track (I always thought we cycled on the left in this country but never mind). I slow right down - because it is a fast descent - and join the path narrowly missing said upstanding member of the community and as I pass he chuckles and says "they will never catch on!" I reply "they will eventually" and proceed on my way.

If that is as exciting as it gets on my commute I may have to find a more interesting route to work, however that is probably tempting fate. So far I have had few mishaps though yesterday on the way to the locksmith shop in park street I did manage to lock up the rear wheel and slide to a halt by some traffic lights - it should have been on film but the Muvi was discharged or having a bit of a paddy for some reason and so the most exciting thing to happen in a week of cycling was lost for ever.

As always, dear readers (all two of you), I must leave and hopefully have an eventful ride home.

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