Thursday, 11 March 2010

No Video :(

For some reason the camera failed to record the trip to work today. Sad days because I had my first ever bizarre behaviour by a car/driver on my commute by Orca.

Three lanes of traffic approaching a roundabout... nice big arrows on the road ( Abbotsbury Road Roundabout... Google StreetView )
I was positioned just to the right of the line separating the straight on arrow from the left turn arrow - for I was going up the side of the lake rather than into Abbotsbury road. A white van over took correctly and I thought no more of it, then I hear engine noise to my left... "Hello" thought "I what's going on here? that doesn't sound like he is going left..." As I entered the roundabout the car on my left crept along side me and left the roundabout by the straight on exit....

Sigh - is there any hope for car drivers like that? there are even great big arrows painted on the road to help them work out where they are meant to be. S225 HCG I suggest you get your eyes tested and read the highway code - I know you are not a locally registered car (CG is a Southampton area VRM... the Parents used to own HCG192S many years ago) so perhaps not using the clearly indicated lanes is endemic to Southampton?

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