Friday, 12 March 2010


Rain is inevitable - this is the first rain for a fortnight here.

Typically the precipitation decided to start as I was approaching Snipe Gate - and had the road been flatter, or at least downhill all the way to the industrial estate, I would have escaped it all but no - with two 1st gear hills in between me and the dryness of work I was bound to get damp.

Near the end of the ride I come to a traffic lighted junction - just outside Chickerell Camp. Not usually a problem. However some car driver thought it would be an idea to try to overtake me where the lanes are clearly painted on the road... I held my ground and he fell in behind as he should have done in the first place - completing his overtake a couple of seconds after the video stops...

What is so important that a 5s delay means you have to abandon sense and any adherence to the highway code?

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