Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Traffic Light Gnome

The TLG is a rare creature, usually found looking the other way when cyclists approach traffic lights. This gnomic inattention causes the lights to invariably be red against the cyclist.

As you can see, right up until I get to the lights, the gnome is indeed ignoring me or indeed taunting me by cycling the lights to green and back when I have no hope of reaching them.

By some miracle he looks in my direction and I spy the lights for the other (main road) stream of traffic going amber/red so I actually speed up - only a little... this is a 'bent and I am going up hill! - in mild panic just in case the gnome changes his mind rather more rapidly than usual.

Just after the left turn the main road goes up hill quite a lot - however after the stress of the normally red lights I usually don't notice the hill!

P.s. if this appears twice in the blog I will delete the one I think most appropriate - I have already posted this once from YouTube but it is showing a marked reluctance to appear.

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