Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wet II

No video for this one, cos it was so wet I had to take the camera off the helmet before setting out - relatively cheep though the Muvi is I wouldn't want to have to buy a new one just yet.... one can get a waterproof housing for it but at £30 it is rather rich for me.

Anyway back to the erudite prose... rain. I have a love/hate relationship with the vertical wet stuff... I love it when it is happening to other people, or the outside of the building/tent/wherever I might be but I dislike it falling on me when riding any bike and the Orca particularly...
"Why so?" I hear you cry... well I know you only get wet once but the rain seems to bring out the worst in car drivers so they tend to pass rather too close (not on camera - see above!) and they also tend to drive rather more unpredictably. The other reason for not liking it is that I notice my feet slipping around on the pedals rather more than is comfortable and for a while I was pedalling with my trainer on the wrong side of the M324 SPD pedals.

What to do about the slippery shoes? For my birthday I will be buying some Shimano MT32s (or 42s) unless of course someone recommends another SPD compatible shoe that works well as a trainer as well, even with cleats attached.


  1. The MT42s look very similar to the shoes I have. I will check what they are when I get home. I find that the cleat is still noticable when I am walking in the shoes, but not so much to cause a problem. I am sure you will love the new experience of being attached to your bike...I am currently waiting on a radiology report from my last experience of not being quick enough at clipping out ;-)

  2. Ah so your ribs are still not 100%? how will you be doing all the heavy lifting and shifting you have lined up in mid April? ROFL