Sunday, 18 April 2010


Here is an image of my first race on the Orca as photographed by Rhiannon. us reckless high speed racers disdain the use of  helmets or even a race track - I was using the road and the lad was safe on the pavement - safe for whom I am not sure... anyway a delightful evening getting used to not worrying about what my feet were doing was had by me along with a couple of races up and down the road - even  when the lad had a head start I managed to scrape a win.

Clips - well cleats really. I get all these different terms mixed up in my head... toe clips we are all familiar with, indeed I used them for years until I moved to the dark side.

The Shimano MT42s are 'clipless' however attaching them to the bike requires clipping in so some people say the SPD system is a system of clips... oh dear... my head fair spins with the confusion. So some people when saying clips are referring to the SPD system and others to the traditional toe clips.

Never mind, what ever they are - clips or clipless or cleats - I am fairly sure I can arrange not to fall off too much and needless to say I will video my attempts at disaster and you, my dear reader, will be the first to know how I get on tomorrow whilst I commute.

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