Monday, 19 April 2010


By special request, a video containing knees! well not really - I suspect you, dear reader, are hoping for accidents, close calls and general falling off the Orca. Sadly, unless you really were hoping for knees you will be disappointed on all counts.

Today was uneventful, except for this minor queue of cars I encountered at probably the worst place possible on the commute route home. A queue of cars is not usually a problem (idiots aside of course - see videos past) however this queue of cars was on the steepest hill and was also completely stationary. Arrrgh! time to dismount - a task made slightly more difficult by the firm attachment of my feet to the bike by the SPD cleats.

Having ridden 10 miles in the cleats this lunchtime I figured a trip home couldn't be hard. To quote a famous program consisting of three blokes cocking about "How hard could it be?" and indeed it wasn't. As the pedals are set at almost the loosest release, I manage to release my left foot without much trouble and no trouble at all for the right. I hop off the Orca and push it up the hill - and take a new route home - on which nothing remarkable happened so I have no video of that.

Well that seems to be all for now dear reader, I hope for more mirth and hilarity tomorrow.

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