Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sunlight is bright

Stating that sunlight is bright may seem a bit obvious to most people but sometimes I forget. This morning the sun was particularly dazzling - and in the video you can see about as much as I could - the footage from the head cam reflects pretty much what I can see. You can see the car coming the other way just about as well as I could as well - which was a little unnerving to say the least as the descent to the Rodwell Trail was completed in double quick time today. Well not quite double quick but nearly.

For those that are interested, I join the path at the other end of Wyke Regis halt to the camera position for that link and cycle towards Weymouth (away from the camera).

Two things are apparent from today's experience....

1. I must get the sun glasses out of the car so that I can use them on the 'bent
2. On the upwrong I could move my head so that the visor for the helmet (camera mount) got in the way of the sun so sunglasses are not essential. On the Orca this dip of the head is not possible as I am lying back (well duh! it is a recumbent....) and my neck, in common with most humans, is not goose-like.

It is a long weekend so probably no blog tomorrow or Monday - too busy sorting things out and being dad.

A merry new Easter to all my readers! (yes, both of you. you know who you are!)

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