Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fame at last

Well what have we today... I was cycling through Hope Square in Weymouth (not Melcombe Regis - that is the touristy part with the beach and the Georgian buildings) when I heard some hair driers following me - something must have amused the riders because they were laughing so much I could hear them above their machines.

I thought no more of it after they had passed and turned left at a roundabout that I go across... however as I was minding my own business hauling up the hill to the traffic light gnome I heard them again - as indeed you will dear reader (I know there is only one of you :) ). As they pass the lead hair drier pilot does nothing untoward, however I notice that his wing man is riding single handed and not looking where he is going because he is videoing me on his phone. I wonder if he noticed the head cam?

hey ho - I guess I will be all over Weymouth (and indeed Melcombe) via phone and perhaps even on YouTube. Such is the price of actually enjoying riding and being extremely laid back about the trip.

More tomorrow; I doubt you can bear the excitement or suspense until then but, pray, don't hold your breath else you may be an interesting shade of purple by the time I get around to posting.